Protecting NGO workers:

Insurance for NGOs their overseas staff and workers

Specialist insurance for NGOS Aid Workers and Support Staff often working worldwide including in conflict zones and high-risk locations.

specialist insurance for Aid organisations and Aid workers

Our speciality is truly global insurance for NGOs and overseas staff and workers

Originally created for the media we offer insurance solutions for the employees of organisations including the local people they employ with comprehensive and affordable insurance with 24/7 claims support from international claims experts.

Our range of policies can cover Accidental Death and Disablement, Sickness and Accident medical expenses, plus Medical Evacuation and Repatriation.

Unlike most insurance policies our cover includes war – declared or not, rebellion, civil war and terrorism


Individual Insurance Cover

Individual insurance for NGOs and overseas staff and workers provides cover globally including all conflict areas and its available online.


Local Employee Insurance

Insurance for the local people hired fulfilling an employer’s duty of care responsibilities


Organization Cover

Insurance for NGOs and other organizations providing comprehensive and affordable insurance cover for every employee. Simple admin and online reporting process

Essential Insurance for non Governmental organisations

Operating worldwide, including in conflict zones, NGO workers face immense risks and challenges. By providing comprehensive and affordable insurance, our policies support their efforts and enable them to carry out their work with peace of mind.

NGO workers play a crucial role in delivering life-saving aid and long-term assistance to those affected by natural disasters, pandemics, and human-caused crises. They ensure the distribution of emergency supplies, including essential items like food, water, shelter, medicine, and WASH initiatives.

In addition, NGO workers contribute to construction and infrastructure development projects, managing nonfood items and ensuring the availability of crucial elements like shelters, bridges, hospitals, schools, and roads. They also handle fuel, fleet, warehouse, and workshop management, essential for the smooth delivery of aid. Monitoring project effectiveness is another critical responsibility of NGO workers. They continuously evaluate their work, making necessary adjustments to optimize resource allocation and aid distribution. This ensures the efficient delivery of aid and the maintenance of necessary resources.

Our policy cover is available globally, including in conflict zones where risks are heightened. Our comprehensive and affordable insurance satisfies one of an NGO’s duty-of-care responsibilities for the people they are employing, helping them to focus on their mission of providing aid to those in need.

About Insurance for Group

Insurance for Group is a leading provider of specialized insurance solutions for organizations and individuals operating globally including in conflict zones and hazardous areas worldwide. With our comprehensive and affordable policies supported by exceptional service, we ensure our clients can focus on their work with peace of mind.

Cover for journalists accross the Middle East, Europe and Globally

Why Choose Us?

Discover the unique value we offer to NGOs, their workers and the organisations that sponsor them.

Global Emergency Support

We work with industry-leading organizations who provide prompt emergency worldwide claims support, recognised by organizations worldwide

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Our insurance includes accidental death, disablement, medical emergency evacuation & repatriation when required including full cover during war and terrorism situations subject to our policy terms and conditions.

What Our Clients Say

We have developed our insurance policies to reflect the genuine needs of NGOs and their staff wherever in the world their job takes them safeguarding their mission with dependable, affordable and effective insurance cover.

insurance for journalists in Israel

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